Communication ranks as one of the most powerful tools in the business owner’s and manager’s armoury.  All too often, however, inadequate understanding of what communication is and how it should be applied results in time-consuming and costly initiatives that fail to achieve business objectives.

At Listn, we offer a variety of communication skills training courses and a full range of communication services, all specifically designed to meeting strategically determined objectives that will enhance your business performance.  A full research capability allows us to measure the results and provide tangible evidence of communication success, while also offering stakeholders an efficient channel for delivering feedback.

From presentation skills training to executive coaching, leadership development, team interventions and workshop facilitation; from corporate writing to digital marketing strategies; from internal communication strategy, advice and implementation to all forms of external communication, Listn has the ability to help you meet your business objective.

Glenn Bryant, accomplished and passionate communicator, enjoys deep and far-reaching experience in all elements of communication strategy and implementation across a variety of companies and industries.  Whatever your communication requirement, problem or challenge, call him for the communication solution that will work for you.


Leadership communication and development
Team intervention and development workshops
Managers’ EQ development workshops
Presentation skills
Media engagement
Customer service


Communication audits
Staff satisfaction surveys
Customer service surveys
Leadership appraisals
Corporate brand and reputation surveys

Internal communications:

Formulation of vision and mission statements
Staff engagements strategies
Organisational development interventions
Change management interventions
Staff motivation and incentives
Content and copy writing for internal newsletter, Intranet, staff video channels
Internal social media applications

External communications:

Public relations and media strategies
Business-to-business communication
Stakeholder engagement strategies
Copy writing for corporate brochures and reports
Traditional, online and social media statements

Other services:

Workshop facilitation
Management mentoring and coaching
Mediation services


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